A day at the Campus

What we do at the campus during the day?

Example of a daily session:

  • Morning training session
  • Swimming pool
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon training session
  • Technique and tactic classes.
  • Camp Nou experience access: stadium tour, museum visit and access to multimedia area.


All the kids will get: all of them are the official kit of the Campus BARÇA Academy-SPORT.

  • A backpack
  • Pack for training: 2 officials T-shirts Nike + 2 shorts + 2 pair of socks
  • T- shirt for after training

Mobile phone is not allowed and in case someone brings it only can connect it after the trainings. We also recommend not to bring any value object like watches, console games or similar. Campus BARÇA Academy-SPORT organisation is not responsible for any value object lost during the campus.

Medical issues (Physiotherapist)

  • Campus BARÇA Academy-SPORT has a medical insurance for accidents and/or illness.
  • Campus BARÇA Academy-SPORT has a physiotherapist in order to attend any little incidence like sprains etc.For additional medical care and in case of accident kids will be taken to the nearest Hospital.

Tournament day

The last day at the campus, Friday in Barcelona site or Saturday in Cambrils and Cardona, it will be a tournament where the presence of the parents will be allowed.

Kid’s parents must avoid staying during the campus in order to keep the timetable and the harmony in all the activities.