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Trainings and Groups

¿What kind of training do they do?
The training they do throughout the week is the same as the FCB Academy used during their school season, based on the first team training formula.

¿How many hours do they trained?
The trainings are intense so that they are divided into 1,5 hours in the morning and 1,5 hours in the afternoon. This training is alternate with other activities.

¿It is possible to see the trainings?
No, it is not allowed to be present during the training sessions, but this year and if the pandemic permeate, it will be a public open training session the last day of the campus where parents will be allowed to come and see the training.

¿Are the kids divided into the groups because of its age or its level?
The groups must be homogenous in age and level, so that, at first, the group it’s made by all the same age’s birth kids and the first day, if there is a particularity petition or the kid’s level deserved a superior group, and then we do the change. 

¿If I register two friends or cousins or similar, can they be at the same group?
As this is a summer soccer campus to enjoy soccer and summer, if they are born at the same year of course they will. If they are not born at the same year but have the same level, you have to send a mail and ask for the change.

General campus

¿Do they need to bring Money?
It’s no necessary but the day of the visit to Camp Nou if they want to buy anything from the Barça Shop, they can bring it, but only that day. It’s important to let us know that the Campus is not responsible of the money they can carry.

¿What kind of material is delivered at the beginning of the campus?
The campus provide to each player a backpack and a full equipment for training. Also and during training the campus give them water, a piece of fruit and a snack.

¿Up to what age can they join the Campus?
The FCb Campus can be joined any player who is from 6 to 14 years old.

¿Is only for boys or can girls join the campus as well?
The campus is for boys and girls. There is also a week in Barcelona site only for girls.

¿Can they do two or more weeks?
Yes, any player can do as many weeks as they want although the training method, schedules and excursions are repeated.

¿Does the Campus gives the training set?
Yes, the campus provides to each player two T-shirt for training, two shorts and a two pair of socks as well as a T-Shirt for the excursion.

¿Which are the schedules?
The Campus starts at 9 in the morning and until 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. The players can come at 8.30 without cost if needed.

¿Are there visits from Barça Players?
Since two years ago, some ex players from FCB, as a ambassadors, come to the Campus and share their experience.

¿Do the players visit Camp Nou?
Yes, there is an excursion to the Camp Nou (Tour Camp Nou Experience) where they visit the field. This excursion is done by all the campus.

¿What languages are spoken?
Catalan, Spanish and English

¿Is there a parent’s meeting?
Yes, two weeks before the campus starts, a virtual meeting is organized in where managers of the Barça Academy and managers from SPORT, explain the day – to day activities of the Campus.


¿How can we pay the Campus?
The Campus can be paid always through the web by credit card or bank transfer.

¿ Is there any discount?
There is a 5% discount for enrolling a player more than a week or if you paid in one time.

¿What is the return policy?
You can find the return policy at the bottom of the home page of this web.