Barcelona Camp

Jesuïtes de Sarrià – Sant Ignasi School de Barcelona (go to map)

Monday to Friday from 9amb to 6pm

What is included in the Camp?

The CAMPUS BARÇA ACADEMY SPORT in Barcelona is held at the Jesuïtes de Sarrià – Sant Ignasi School, located at 32, Carrasco y Formiguera Street. It has a magnificent facilities for the development of its activities, as well as a swimming pool, a dining room with its own kitchen, an assembly hall and several outdoor rest areas.

  • Official coaches from the Barça Academy

    All coaches are from the Barça Academy

  • 3 hours of training daily

    Two sessions of 1.5 hours. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

  • Teams by age

    Groups are organized by age and with the possibility of change if the participant’s level is not suitable for the group.

  • Includes kit and backpack

    Each participant will receive 2 complete official kits consisting of 2 jerseys (Nike), 2 shorts and 2 pairs of socks.

  • Daily swimming sessions

    Recreational pool activity every day. Cap required as it is an indoor pool.

  • Spotify Camp Nou Experience

    Visit to the Spotify Camp Nou Experience included.

  • Includes lunch and snacks

    Including a piece of fruit at mid-morning, water, lunch (self-catering dining room) and snack.

  • Physiotherapy service

    Physiotherapist of the FC Barcelona team at the disposal of the camp.

  • Campus Tournament

    On the last day of the campus in the afternoon, a tournament is organized in which the presence of parents is allowed.

  • Official FC Barcelona Diploma

    Presentation of the official FC Barcelona Diploma at the end of the campus..