The training they do throughout the week is the same as that of the BARÇA ACADEMY during the season. It is based on the first team’s training formula.

The training sessions, led by the Barça Academy coaches, are very intensive and are divided into 1 hour and 30 minutes in the morning and 1 hour and 30 minutes in the afternoon. They alternate with other activities.

No, you are not allowed to be present during the daily training sessions but, on the last day of the camp, parents are allowed to watch the training sessions and the tournament.

At the beginning it is done by age and during the first day we will evaluate if a change of team should be made. if there is a special request or the level of the child deserves a higher group then we make the change.

Basically it is a football camp to enjoy your favourite sport and if they are of the same age, this option is allowed.


It’s not necessary, but if they want to buy something in the Barça shop when they visit the Spotify Camp, they can bring it with them, but only for that day. However, the campus is not responsible for the money they bring with them.

The Campus will provide each player with a rucksack and full training kit. The Campus also provides water, a piece of fruit in the morning and a snack during training.

The Barça Academy SPORT Campus is open to all players between the ages of 6 and 14.

The campus is for both boys and girls. There is also a girls-only week in Barcelona.

Yes, each player can do as many weeks as they want, although the training method, schedules and excursions will be repeated.

? Yes, two training kits and a T-shirt (yellow) which is used for excursions and non-training activities.

The entrance to the campus is from 9am to 6pm. It is possible to arrive at the campus before 9 am, around 8.30 am, free of charge.

For the past two years, former Barça players have been visiting the Barcelona campus to share their training and experience with the players.

There is an excursion to the Spotify Camp Nou Experience, where they go down to the pitch, the stands and the changing rooms. This excursion takes place in all the campuses.

Catalan, Spanish and English

Yes, two weeks before the start of the Campus, a meeting will be organised in which Barça Academy managers and SPORT managers will explain the day-to-day activities of the Campus.


The campus can be paid for by credit card or bank transfer, only in the case of bank transfer the payment can be made in instalments.

A 5% discount is available for consecutive week bookings, FCB members, siblings, extended families and single parents.

You can find the return policy at the contract conditions.